about our


we specialize in:

  • recycling and reusing furniture
  • room and storage organization
  • selection and procurement of new furniture, fixtures, fabrics
  • basic custom woodwork
  • better use of space
  • wall and trim painting (including special wall effects and decorative faux finishes)
  • management of subcontractors
  • fireplace surrounds name just a few!

room remodeling

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overseas shopping

if you are looking to do a big shop at one of the huge furniture outlets in nc, i can accompany you to north carolina, arrange a comfortable hotel and a chauffeur who will pick us up from the airport and take us to the outlets that offer a wide range of styles ranging from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. i can set up appointments with the best sales people at high point and arrange for after hours shopping if the need arises.

i can meet with you before the trip and take all necessary measurements and photographs of the rooms to be furnished and forward pertinent information to my contacts at north carolina ahead of our trip.

shopping for numerous pieces of furniture can be extremely overwhelming so having my expertise in space planning and room layout can be a tremendous asset and will prevent you from buying pieces that are too large for your space, or too many pieces of furniture in general. i can help take the stress out of such a trip and turn it into something fun!

house moving

moving house can be an overwhelming task. i can give you guidance on how to pack your belongings and label the boxes correctly and organize movers for you. i can be at the new house while you are supervising the move from the existing house and make sure the movers put the labeled boxes etc into the correct rooms.

this trick in itself can give you a sense of order before you tackle the daunting task of unpacking and putting things away. i can help you organize your kitchen and bedroom(s) so that you may sleep after a hard days work and know where the coffee is in the morning!

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